About Mike Evans' Expertise

Dr Mike Evans in Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Michael D. Evans is an award-winning journalist who has served as a confidant to multiple Israeli Prime Ministers and leaders in the Middle East for more than two decades.

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News From The Middle East

IAF kills Gaza terrorist linked to rocket fire on Eilat

First targeted assassination by IAF since end of Operation Pillar of Defense in November; terrorist named as Hitham Mashal, a rocket manufacturing expert and member of jihadist group operating in Gaza and Sinai. [full story]

April 30, 2013
Israeli man killed in West Bank terror attack

Palestinian man attacks 32-year-old Israeli at hitchhiking spot at the junction in the northern West Bank. [full story]

April 30, 2013
PM: Israel will continue to defend its citizens

Following an IAF strike on Gaza terrorist, Netanyahu promises to continue protecting Israelis, respond to attacks. [full story]

April 30, 2013
Tensions high in W.Bank; 2 Palestinian girls hurt

Palestinian media reports settlers threw stones at Palestinian vehicles near Yitzhar in response to terror attack. [full story]

April 30, 2013
Cameron downplays possibility of military action in Syria

British PM says limited, but growing evidence of chemical weapons use by Assad regime which would constitute a "war crime"; however, he joins US, Turkey and EU in saying further evidence needed for military intervention. [full story]

April 26, 2013
'Lebanese army ups presence on Israel border'

Day after F-16 shoots down drone from Lebanon off Haifa, Lebanese media reports IAF jets fly over villages in south Lebanon. [full story]

April 26, 2013
Bulgaria reenacts Burgas bus bomb attack

Investigators blow up bus in hopes of finding more information; EU decision to blacklist Hezbollah likely dependent on probe. [full story]

April 26, 2013
IDF to stop using phosphorus for smokescreens

Chemical to be replaced with Israeli-developed alternatives; smoke-screening permitted under international humanitarian law. [full story]

April 26, 2013
Analysis: Hezbollah drone a dangerous publicity stunt

Sending a drone into Israeli air space is meant to remind the Lebanese public that Hezbollah is still defined by its jihad against Israel and not by its large-scale and bloody involvement in the Syrian civil war. [full story]

April 25, 2013
Hagel: US believes Syrian gov't used chemical arms

US secretary of defense says US intel community believes sarin gas used on small scale by Assad, but White House cautious. [full story]

April 25, 2013
Planned EU Parliament trip to Iran draws criticism

Critics call visit i"photo-op with Iranian repressors," claim it weakens efforts to stop Iran's nuclear program. [full story]

April 25, 2013
Historic victory in court for Women of the Wall

Jerusalem court holds that women praying out loud in prayer shawls do not disturb the public order. [full story]

April 25, 2013

The Truth About the Peace Process

Exposing The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Articles from Dr. Michael D. Evans

Mike Evans Museum to Feature Heroes of Israel
During your visit to the Mike Evans Museum in Jerusalem, officially called the Friends of Zion Heritage Center, you will encounter the stories of [full story]
November 26, 2014
The Friends of Zion Heritage Center
"I donít believe that the Jewish State or modern Zionism would have been possible without Christian Zionism.Ē óPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [full story]
November 6, 2014
Iran Speeding Up Nuclear Program
Iran is moving full speed ahead with its nuclear program, despite Western economic sanctions aimed at halting Tehranís atomic progress. [full story]
April 19, 2013
Are Weapons Waiting in West Bank?
The Arab pursuit of the destruction of Israel is relentless. While the rest of us read the news, then go our own ways, the enemies of Israel [full story]
April 19, 2013
Facing the Iranian threat Alone
Israel is ready and able to attack Iranian nuclear sites on its own, without the help of allies such as the United States. Thatís the [full story]
April 18, 2013
Agent 15 May Be in Syria
It has been reported that Agent 15 may be in Syria. No, we are not talking about 007 or Maxwell Smart. Agent 15, also known as BZ, or [full story]
April 16, 2013
Axis of Nuclear Evil?
President George W. Bush was widely mocked and ridiculed in 2002 for referring to Iran and North Korea as two members of a three-country "axis of [full story]
April 15, 2013
UN May Investigate Syrian Chemical Weapons Use
Chemical weapons have been used at least once in the Syrian conflict, according to Western diplomats calling for a United Nations investigation. [full story]
April 12, 2013

Videos from Dr. Michael D. Evans

Mike Evans with Glenn Beck at Restoring Courage Event in Caesarea, Israel

This video is an excerpt of Glenn Beck introducing Dr Mike Evans to speak at the Restoring Courage Event in the Roman Amphitheatre in Caeserea, Israel on August 21st, 2011.

September 10, 2011
Glenn Beck Hosts Mike Evans, Distinguished Guests at Restoring Courage in Jerusalem

This video is an excerpt of Glenn Beck hosting a panel of distinguished guests, including Dr Michael D Evans, at the Restoring Courage Event in Jerusalem on August 22nd, 2011.

September 10, 2011
Dr Mike Evans Speaks on the Protocols at the Menachem Begin Museum in Jerusalem

This is an edited video of the Speech by Dr Michael D Evans about his new book, The Protocols, at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.

July 17, 2011