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Obama’s Vision for the Middle East
Obama's Vision for the Middle East - Jerusalem Prayer Team

Apparently the mainline media did not report everything that happened during President Obama’s recent visit to Israel. The World Tribune revealed today that the president shared his vision for the future of the Middle East with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other high-ranking Israeli officials in meetings held behind closed doors, Despite all of the ballyhoo surrounding his 48-hour visit, his meetings with Israeli authorities were described as "very tense.”

TheWorld Tribune In yet another display of his political savvy and his leadership acumen, Prime Minister Netanyahu apparently asked his aides to listen to, but not dispute anything that Obama or his staff said during the visit. "The Israelis basically kept quiet and let Obama say and do what he wanted. But the visit, for the Israelis was very tense and, at the end,they understood how far apart the two sides were on basic questions.”

The vision that Obama unfolded for them was that he wants to help shape an alliance of Egypt, Iran and Turkey during his second term. Sources familiar with the discussions said that the president downplayed the protests in Egypt as an obstacle to bringing his vision to fruition. Furthermore, he indicated that an Iranian-Egyptian-Turkish alliance would somehow avoid a nuclear arms buildup by Iran. How that would work is unclear – very unclear. His ideas must be incredible because one source said that "Obama spoke in a quite enthusiastic manner over his vision for the Middle East.”

Ironically, it is also being reported that during his short visit to Jordan, President Obama was warned by King Abdullah, as he has with other Western visitors, that the U.S. is making a huge mistake by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. The king complained that the State Department is ignoring him and, even more frightening, they are telling him "The only way you can have democracy is through the Muslim Brotherhood.”

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