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Flaunting Talks, Iran Open Nuke Sites
Flaunting Talks, Iran Open Nuke Sites - Jerusalem Prayer TeamIran marked National Nuclear Technology Day by opening two new uranium mines and a new production factory while the country’s president boasted that the Islamic Republic "has gone nuclear.”

According to the official IRNA news agency, Iran opened the Saghand 1 and 2 uranium mines in the central city of Yazd and the Shahid Rezaeinejad yellow cake factory this week. The factory is capable of producing 60 tons of yellow cake uranium annually, which can then be processed into weapons-grade fuel.

"They (world powers) tried their utmost to prevent Iran from going nuclear, but Iran has gone nuclear,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech at Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization.

"This nuclear technology and power and science has been institutionalized…All the stages are in our control and every day that we go forward a new horizon opens up before the Iranian nation.”

Iran’s announcement comes after the latest round of talks over the nation’s nuclear program made little if any progress last week in Almaty Kazakhstan. The talks – between six world powers and Iran – centered over world concerns about the Islamic Republic’s suspected push to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran has been offered a reduction in economic sanctions in exchange for a cutback in its nuclear pursuit. Iran continues to deny having military intentions, saying it needs nuclear power to generate electricity and for medical purposes. The rogue nation also wants the international community to recognize its right to enrich uranium.

Despite the disappointment of last week’s talks and the failure of the parties to even agree to further meetings, some diplomats say there is still hope. An unidentified senior Western diplomat told reporters, "There is enough substance for these negotiations to continue, [and] I would not expect a breakdown.”

Many Western diplomats don’t expect much progress ahead of Iran’s June presidential election, when Ahmadinejad’s successor will be chosen. "The [Iranian] internal power struggle has an impact on negotiations,” one diplomat said. "The internal tensions have an influence on a process such as negotiations but we don’t even know who the [Iranian presidential] candidates will be.”

Iran continues to defy world powers as it pursues nuclear technology and the latest opening of two new mines and one new factory confirm that pursuit. Diplomats – fearful that Israel will take unilateral military action against Iranian nuclear facilities – continue holding out hope that economic sanctions and diplomacy will turn the tide. 

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