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Agent 15 May Be in Syria
Agent 15 May Be in Syria - Jerusalem Prayer TeamIt has been reported that Agent 15 may be in Syria. No, we are not talking about 007 or Maxwell Smart. Agent 15, also known as BZ, or 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate, is a chemical weapon. There is more and more evidence that it is the chemical agent that was reportedly used in Syria in December.

Although almost any chemical could be deadly in certain circumstances, Agent 15 is not known for its killing power like its more pernicious cousins Sarin or mustard gas, but more for its ability to disorient and incapacitate those upon whom it is used. Instead of outright killing the enemy, it confuses them. The effects may include hallucinations, dizziness, erratic behavior, blurred vision, irrational behavior, euphoria, hypothermia, general restlessness or stupor. Medics attending victims of the alleged December attacked witness symptoms as described.

The effects of Agent 15 poisoning may commence anywhere from half-an-hour to three days after exposure, but most typically within several hours, depending on how the chemical is delivered. Symptomatic response usually lasts anywhere from 72 to 96 hours, with the more severe responses lasting typically not more than 36 hours.


  • Mild central nervous system symptoms usually appear within four hours of contact.

  • Stupor and hypothermia typically set in between the fourth and 20th hour.

  • Hallucinations and delusions are typically intense from hour 20 to hour 96.

  • The final reactionary phase to exposure tends to be characterized by paranoia and other milder symptoms.

If this is, indeed, the type of gas that was allegedly used, regardless of which side used it, it may be a clue to the intentions of one side to determine the effectiveness of using Agent 15 as an incapacitating weapon. It also, therefore, may imply that there is some thought being given to delivering the chemical to allow ground troops to almost literally impose their will on enemy combatants.

We share this information so that our readers may be better able to discern what is actually happening just to the north of the nation of Israel and how those activities might potential effect Israel. Israel is surrounded by wars and rumors of wars. Where there is no war in the Middle East, there is almost always the threat of war, whether Arab versus Arab, or Arab versus Israel.

Please pray with us for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). Pray that the Lord will keep and protect her from the battles going on around. Pray that Israel will turn to the Lord and honor him as Scripture promises that she will.

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