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Are Weapons Waiting in West Bank?
Are Weapons Waiting in West Bank? - Mike Evans - Jerusalem Prayer TeamThe Arab pursuit of the destruction of Israel is relentless. While the rest of us read the news, then go our own ways, the enemies of Israel continue to plot and prepare for war against her.

The World Tribune ran an exclusive report this week based on unidentified sources from within the IDF Home Front Command that indicated that Arab militants are building an arsenal of short-range missiles and rockets in the West Bank. Since Israel erected the security fence around the West Bank during the last decade, terrorism in Israel from the West Bank has, for all practical purposes, ceased. However, whilst fences can deter pedestrian terrorists or vehicular intrusions, they can do nothing to prevent rockets and missiles.

We are now learning that Hamas and Hezbollah representatives are allegedly assisting potential terrorists in the West Bank to build and deliver deadly projectiles. The lessons learned in the Gaza Strip are now being transferred to the West Bank. This is much more problematic for Israel as its major cities would now be within easily in reach for random launches. While the rockets from Gaza have been largely incapable of reaching those cities, the same weapons in the hands of terrorists in the West Bank could generate major damage in heavily populated areas.

According to Colonel Atai Shelach,"The most significant aspect, which we have not yet experienced in the West Bank, will involve the capability to launch steep-trajectory munitions at Israeli towns in the Judea and Samaria sectors as well as at Israeli cities in the inner plain, coastal plain and northern Samaria.He added that"The terrorist organizations on the West Bank have had sufficient time to prepare and learn from their brethren in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon how to deploy professionally.

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