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Al-Qaeda Marches On
Al-Qaeda Marches On - Jerusalem Prayer TeamMany people assume that al-Qaeda did along with Osama bin Laden. Others believe that is true because President Obama claimed during his re-election campaign that we had brought al-Qaeda to its knees. Just because they have not been in the news lately does not mean that the organization is either dead or dying. Few people in the West had ever heard of al-Qaeda before September 11, 2001. Yet it was clear on that day that not only did they exist, they were ready to wreak unspeakable terror.

Just a few days ago Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the successor to Osama bin Laden, spoke publicly for the first time since November 2012. It’s probably fair to say that he is not a happy man. His 103 minute speech was a call for Muslims to get their focus back on their universal objective of setting up an Islamic state. He urged al-Qaeda fighters in Syria to snatch the victory out of the motley group of anti-Assad forces and re-establish the country as an Islamic state before the U.S., Israel, or even Moscow could intervene and win the spoils of the war – if, in fact, there is anything left of Syria when it is over.

He called on the so-called Arab Spring countries to quell their internal turmoil and unite to form the basis for a world-wide Islamic caliphate ruled exclusively by Shariah law. He derided the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mahmoud Morsi for not being more aggressive. He complained that the new Egyptian constitution – which most Egyptians see as pro-Muslim and anti-Egyptian – as not adequate. Zawahiri said that it is not sufficient for Shariah to be "the main source” of law. For Zawahiri, Shariah must be "the only source.”

This is what gives al-Qaeda the title of "radical.” It wants its goal, and it wants it now. Morsi knows all too well the result of trying to impose even a moderate change to Shariah as Egypt has been torn by strife since he and his cronies introduced the new constitution.

The sum total of Zawahiri’s speech was to rally all Muslims to overthrow their current governments and to subsequently unite under one Islamic banner. It at first, therefore, seems strange that he criticized Iran and the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah for aligning with President Assad in Syria. In effect, the battlefield in Syria is comprised to a large extent of Muslim terrorists fighting Muslim terrorists. Zawahiri is trying to tell them to stop fighting against each other, take down the Syrian government and start the Islamic caliphate from Damascus.

Remember that all Islamic leaders want to destroy Israel. All Islamic leaders want to make Jerusalem the capital city of a great, worldwide Islamic government ruled by Shariah law. Al-Qaeda continues to urge them all to reach their goal sooner rather than later.

Sources for this article include Israel National NewsUPI, the Times of Israel, and the Global Post.


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