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Looming Election Slows Iran Nuclear Work
Looming Election Slows Iran Nuclear Work - Jerusalem Prayer TeamIran is slowing down its nuclear work in a run up to the country’s June presidential election. The Wall Street Journal reports Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has decided to hold the nation’s nuclear program beneath the threshold demanded by Israel in a move experts say is designed to avoid an election year crisis.

International talks over Iran’s nuclear program resume this week in Kazakhstan involving the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany. They will likely be the last round of diplomatic talks with Tehran before June’s election, and U.S. officials say they don’t expect any major breakthrough, partially because of Khamenei’s focus on the June election.

Khamenei has regularly opposed bilateral talks with Washington over the nuclear issue, while Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has shown a willingness to negotiate. Iran’s Supreme Leader is believed to have grown tired of the outspoken Iranian president – who can’t run for reelection – and seeks to replace him with someone more aligned with his own views. While Western diplomats have worried Khamenei might challenge Israel and the U.S. over the nuclear issue, the opposite is happening ahead of the election.

Both American and Israeli officials say they believe Iran’s move constitutes a delay, not a change of position, and that work continues toward the creation of weapons-grade fuel. Iran has installed thousands of new centrifuge machines at its Fordow underground military facility, and – according to the International Atomic Energy Agency – the site is in a fortified bunker which is thought to be protected from U.S. or Israeli military strikes. U.S. officials believe Iran is capable of increasing the pace of uranium enrichment at any time and move full-speed ahead toward producing the weapons-grade fuel required for a bomb.

As Israel continues to ponder how to deal with the Iranian threat, now is the time to pray for Israel’s leaders that they make wise decisions over any type of military intervention. Wishing to avoid an international incident before their election, Iran is cleverly – at least publicly – keeping their nuclear fuel production below the threshold that could spark such military action. The tactic being employed by Supreme Leader Khamenei is also viewed by many as a power play against Iran’s president. Gary Samore, President Obama’s top advisor on nuclear issues during Obama’s first term says, "The supreme leader might feel he’s in a stronger position as far as the next steps in the nuclear program.” As for after the elections, Samore ominously warns: "You could imagine, later this year, a confrontation.”

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