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Just a Few Minutes Ago I Addressed the World From Jerusalem

Just a few minutes ago, I addressed the world from Jerusalem on the topic of Jew hatred. This past week has furnished reminder after reminder that this hatred is sadly alive and well. At least nine Israelis were killed in terrorist attacks. Egyptian "cyber attacks? have struck at Israel?s communications network. Despite a "ceasefire,? rockets, missiles and mortars continue to rain down on southern Israeli towns and villages from Gaza.

Tonight, I briefly told my testimony and shared the story of the ten Boom family and how they suffered and risked so much to save hundreds of Jews from the Holocaust and the high price they paid for their love and faith. Right now, I?m asking you: How can we do less? How can we stand by and allow the world to divide the Holy City of Jerusalem and take the land God promised away from Israel? How can we do nothing while Jews are killed day after day simply for being Jews? How can we not do everything possible to defend Israel? I hope and pray that you will stand with me in standing for Israel right now.



Dr. Michael D. Evans is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, having penned numerous titles including nonfiction book Jimmy Carter: the Liberal Left and World Chaos, in which he compares the Obama and Carter presidencies; and Atomic Iran; and the fiction book, GameChanger; and his newest titles Cursed, The Light, and The Protocols. Evans? books are available at www.TimeWorthybooks.com. You can read his full biography on Wikipedia.