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Obama’s Surprise Peace Plan for Israel
Obama’s Surprise Peace Plan for Israel - Jerusalem Prayer TeamThree weeks after President Obama’s visit to Israel, his proposal for the basis for peace in the Middle East is becoming clearer. The big surprise is that his proposal is nothing new.

Secretary of State John Kerry is currently on his third trip throughout the Middle East, including being with Obama during his visit. Kerry has been talking up the revival of the Arab Peace Initiative that was put on the table in 2002. This is absurd. First of all, the relevant portions of that proposal favor the Arab objectives 100% and leave Israel in an untenable position in terms of its national security. It is this very "peace” initiative that is summed up by the term "land for peace.” It all boils down to Einstein’s definition of insanity: "Doing things the same way and expecting different results.”

The basics of the initiative, drafted at a summit meeting of the Arab League require Israel to:

  • Completely withdraw all troops from Gaza, the Golan Heights, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem

  • Return all land won during the Six Day War of 1967

  • Solve the Palestinian refugee dilemma by "returning” them into Israel (although their own native countries still refuse to take them).

In return, the Arab community would:

  • Consider the Arab-Israeli conflict over and sign a peace agreement

  • Establish "normal relations” with Israel

  • Sell Israel 1,000 acres of Florida swamp and the Brooklyn Bridge for 10 shekels

Okay, the swamp land and the bridge is something I made up, but I did it to illustrate the sheer stupidity it would take for Israel to consider such an offer. It has to make one wonder what the Obama administration is thinking. Does it really take more to illustrate how errant this idea is than to see what has happened in the Gaza Strip since Israel withdrew? More violence, terrorist attacks, and rockets launched into Israeli territory and the turning of Gaza into "a terror base for radical Islam.” According to one source, Kerry is proposing a modification of the 1967 lines and "stronger security guarantees.” The latter translates into what we have reported earlier – that Obama is, or will be, proposing a U.S. military presence somewhere in Israeli territory.

By and large, the U.S., the U.N., and the world have ignored what Shimon Peres said when he was Foreign Minister in 2002: "It is clear that the details of any peace plan must be discussed directly between Israel and the Palestinians,and to make this possible, the Palestinian Authority must put an end to terror.”

We tend to forget why Israel was created. It was meant to be and it is a Jewish State. It is a homeland and refuge for the Jewish people. And there lies the problem. The Arabs have never wanted to a Jewish state in their corner of the world. The Arabs never sought ownership of the barren land that was put under the mandate of the British Government after World War I. The Arabs opposed the creation of a Jewish nation. The Arabs sought to destroy the Jewish nation the day it was birthed. The goal of Islamic militant organizations now is to wipe the Jewish nation off the map.

Source material for this article included the Washington Post, the Palestine Chronicle, and The National.


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