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Hamas May Be Training Syrian Rebels
Hamas May Be Training Syrian Rebels - Jerusalem Prayer TeamHamas is reportedly training some rebel units fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad. According to the Times of London, members of the Izzadin Kassam Brigades are working with Free Syrian Army units in rebel-held neighborhoods in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

"The Kassam Brigades have been training units very close to Damascus,Ē one Western diplomat told the London paper. "These are specialists. They are really good,Ē the official added.

TheTimesreports Hamas has been helping the FSA dig a tunnel beneath Damascus in preparation for an attack against the city, a tactic the terror group previous used to smuggle supplies from Egypt into the Gaza Strip.

According to a Palestinian source from a refugee camp in Lebanon, Hamas aide to the FSA is common knowledge, however Hamas officials deny having any affiliation with Syrian rebels.

"Itís a false thing. There are no members of Izzadin Kassam or any militant members of Hamas in Syria,Ē says Osama Hamdan, a leading Hamas official based in Lebanon. "We donít interfere in the internal problems of Syria. From the beginning of what has happened in Syria we rejected as a movement any involvement of any Palestinian in the current events in Syria,Ē he added.

If true, Hamas would find themselves on the same side of the Syrian conflict as the U.S. in providing training to Syrian rebels. Last March, two European newspapers reported that the Syrian rebels were also getting training on the use of anti-tank weaponry from Americans in Jordan. However, itís not clear whether the Americans military or members of private firms were supplying the training. According to those reports, both British and French instructors and Jordanian intelligence services were also involved in training rebel forces.

On the other side, the Syrian government is reportedly sending members of its tattered forces to a secret base in Iran for guerrilla combat training. The move is an effort to bolster Assadís armed forces which have been drained by two years of fighting and defections. Iranian officials have repeatedly denied military involvement in the Syrian conflict, saying they have provide only humanitarian aid and political support to Assad.

The ongoing civil war in Lebanon is of great interest to Israelís leaders, who fear that lethal weapons being stockpiled by the Syrian government could fall into the wrong hands. Those armaments reportedly include chemical weapons that have been utilized in the two-year old Syrian civil war. In addition, the fall of the Assad government could lead to Hamas rule in Lebanon, increasing the terror groupís power and influence in the Middle East. 

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