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Is Obama Using Syria?
Is Obama Using Syria? - Jerusalem Prayer TeamUnnamed Western diplomats have unveiled some of the mystery about where the Obama administration stands with the Syrian conflict. While there was nothing new about their statement that "Obama has been consistently against any significant military aid to the rebels,” the revelation that "The president wants to sustain the Sunni rebellion as a means to pressure Iran to come to an agreement on the nuclear and other issues,” is more of an eye-opener.

This sentiment was shared by Javier Solana, the former Foreign Policy and Security Minister for the European Union. "I think that the United States has not taken a more active role in Syria from the beginning because they didn’t want to disturb the possibility to give them space to negotiate with Iran.” He went on to say that "They probably knew that getting very engaged against Assad, engaged even militarily, could contribute to a break in the potential negotiations with Tehran”(emphasis mine).

The sources revealed that has proposed some kind of settlement with Iran to allow them to have some as of yet undeclared"influence” over Syria following the end of the war. This seems to fit with the scheme that we now know that President has suggested regarding some kind of alliance between Turkey, Iran and Egypt. How it helps stop the Iranian nuclear threat to Israel is beyond this writer’s ability to conceive.

Let stop to remember that sanctions imposed upon Iran havenot stoppedtheir nuclear program. Let’s remember that there have beenno successfulnegotiations with Iran to stop their nuclear weapons program. And let’s reaffirm that Iran has clearly said thatnothing will stopthem from developing nuclear weapons.

It would make much more sense if we were told that the president will not support the rebel forces because the last time he did something like that in the name of democracy and freedom, he helped put the anti-Israeli, anti-Christian, anti-U.S., Muslim Brotherhood in control of an entire nation. Perhaps I should have said "in charge of” because they are certainly not "in control of” Egypt.

Frankly President Obama has put himself between several rocks and hard places. If he were to send aid to Assad, the war would continue on. If he were to send aid to the rebels, he would be, once again arming and encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, and al-Qaeda. And he would still be no closer to stopping Iran’s nuclear weapons program than he was four years ago.

America cannot afford for its leadership to continue making deals with devils and thinking that we can gain peace in the Middle East. The administration and the congress need to make a bold commitment to support Israel at all costs and to let the God, whom our two nations (used to) trust, take care of the rest. While our administration keeps trying to reshuffle and deal over and over again, the game remains the same – Drive Israel into the Sea. This is no trivial pursuit. This is the battle of the ages. When the chips are down, there will be no negotiations.

The news source for this article can be found at The World Tribune.



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