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The Jew-Haters Are At It Again

I?ve just learned that a coordinated attack has been launched by the Jew haters against the videos of the Restoring Courage rallies that we posted on YouTube for the world to see. They are leaving negative feedback and trying to get them pulled from distribution. This is an organized effort to silence any voice that supports Israel.

You can take action to stop this attack today. Simply take a moment to click the links below and express your support for keeping these powerful testimonies that call for the world to support Israel from being removed?then please ask everyone on your e-mail list to do the same.



I also ask that you join me in prayer regarding the $350,000 we need to defend Israel this month through our urgent campaign to expose the anti-Semitism behind the plan to divide the Promised Land and the Holy City of Jerusalem. Thus far $100,000 has come in toward this goal. Please pray that every beloved lover of Israel who gives will receive a commanded blessing on their lives.

Now is our moment. This is our time. God has brought us together for this defining crossroads moment of human history. Will you help me stand for Israel? Will you pray for God's blessing and protection for me on this vital trip? Will you give to meet the needs of the Jewish people and allow me to continue to stand for them on the world stage?


Dr. Michael D. Evans is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, having penned numerous titles including nonfiction book Jimmy Carter: the Liberal Left and World Chaos, in which he compares the Obama and Carter presidencies; and Atomic Iran; and the fiction book, GameChanger; and his newest titles Cursed, The Light, and The Protocols. Evans? books are available at www.TimeWorthybooks.com. You can read his full biography on Wikipedia.